Uranium-from rock to usable fuel

A lot of us know that uranium is used as one of our larger power sources here in the United States with the help of nuclear plants spread across the US but I doubt that many of us have any idea how the whole thing actually works. I know that before I started researching this topic I knew very little. The things is now with how much back and forward is going on with the claimant debate and the very protruding fact that we are running out of our possible oil reserves, the way that we are going to move forward and get the energy that we need as a country is a hot topic. For this reason I want to try and write a bit about the different kinds of ways that we get energy and some of the good and negative points associated with each of those methods. Mostly though I just want to give you a brief overview of how this whole process works in regards to each of the energy methods so that when these things are being debated or you see something on TV about one energy option or the next, you might have a slightly better idea what they are taking about and from there hopefully be able to make a slightly better informed decision.

energy fuelsFirst of all, we start with uranium mining. There are around ten different uranium mines in the United States in Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, and then many in Wyoming. Uranium miners can use a number of different methods to be able to extract the uranium, which is found in rocks. One of the ways that the uranium miners can get the uranium that they are looking for is through an open pit, building an underground mine or by in-situ recovery. A solvent is used to then remove the uranium from the ore that it is attached to and the resulting product is uranium oxide or as you probably have heard of it, yellowcake uranium. Once that has been done the yellowcake uranium is filtered and dried until it is ready to go to the next step. The yellowcake uranium is then on its way to a conversion plant where it is heated to the point where it becomes a gas. At this point it is loaded into cylinders and then by the time that it cools in those cylinders it is back to being a solid. And here you thought that the process of water going from gas to liquid to solid was cool.

After all of this the uranium cylinders are sent to the next process which is called enrichment. This is probably also a term you have heard before in the news or on the TV or something, enriched uranium. This is the process that makes the uranium safe to use as a fuel. The solid uranium is made into powered uranium and then compressed into useable tablets. Really hitting every point of the possible forms here.

Uranium Production Is A Part Of The Energy Economy

The world energy economy is a complicated and interesting thing that is currently changing and evolving as much as any industry in the world. Alternative and traditional energy sources are both the focus of many ongoing debates, and there are many people with very strong feelings regarding the matter. Regardless though, nuclear power is still a part of the energy economy and despite it’s well and overly publicized (some believe) news reports about infrequent nuclear plant meltdowns like Fukushima most recently, the industry is alive and well. Uranium mining continues to fuel nuclear energy plants, submarines and other technologies in many countries across the world. Many countries who have turned to nuclear power to help them with their energy demands have become very dependent upon it, unlike some others who have a much more diverse energy economy. Mining for one element or another, has been occurring for thousands of years just about anywhere that the inhabitants valued gold and precious metals or gems. With the advancement of technology that’s occurred since, every element known to man that has been discovered, cataloged, and experimented with in order to find a useful application for it whenever possible. Many elements have very little known, if any, applicable uses but none-the-less, they are important pieces of this earthly puzzle that help us understand how this all came together. I’ll leave all that stuff up to the geologists, miners and scientists, but the fact of the matter is that no matter how it is that we’re able to generate power, it usually involves us using fossil fuels or things that we’ve mined or extracted from the earth somehow.uranium production

Even solar power is a technology that is only made possible by using the efficient and effective natural conducting power of several precious metals. Nuclear power is mostly dependent upon uranium production and it is subjected to the basic economic rules of supply and demand like anything else. Nuclear meltdowns, no matter how infrequent or the reasons for them, are always bad publicity for nuclear power. This impacts the production and demand for uranium across the world and plans for the construction of nuclear power plants. Uranium mining companies do most of their work out of the largest uranium producing countries in the world, Kazakhstan, Canada and Australia. The sector remains depressed since the Fukushima disaster and prices for uranium have fallen 50% over the last several years, so the industry is looking into other options to keep them profitable while they find a way through this rough patch. Mining exploration for uranium may shift into Africa, because of the reduced costs it takes to operate there and the loosely regulated, sometimes considered poor governance in the region. The energy debate rages on, but for every unfortunate example of a nuclear power technology mishap that exists, there are many more success stories to make up for them. We obviously have a lot of work to do, as a human race, when it comes to meeting our world energy needs, but we need to consider and continue to experiment with and improve all available options.

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Uranium Commodities Stock Price Expected to Go Back Up Soon

The value of uranium stocks surely took a tumble after the nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima, Japan. The incident also prompted other countries who were considering building up their nuclear power capabilities to abandon expansion plans. Other countries that are not yet on the nuclear power plant bandwagon but have already started the plans to build their own nuclear power plants, have also scrapped those plans.

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Uranium commodity prices spiraled down to the $40s per pound right after the Hiroshima disaster. That price point was a far cry from the $130s price per pound around 8 years ago. Those were certainly the glory days for uranium companies. That price is also far below the $70 break-even point for the uranium mining companies. Those companies can only profit beyond that break-even point. Uranium mining companies all over the world will have to close their operations if uranium commodity prices do not go back up beyond $70 per pound.

But, that projection and the uranium investors’ jaded outlook will come to an end soon. Analysts predicted that 2014 will be a good year for the uranium industry. Commodity traders even predict that uranium supplies will go up to a new high of $138 per pound in the short-term.

That projection is based on the fact that a deal that involves Russia supplying leftover nuclear warhead to the United States for energy soon will end soon. This will cause a large gap in the supply of uranium that will cause the increase in uranium prices.

The reduction of uranium supply available to the United States will also be exacerbated by the fact that India and China will soon be embracing nuclear energy to reduce their coal pollution. Both countries need a source of clean energy. Coal pollution in India kills an alarming number of people every year. This has also prompted the Chinese government to push for the reduction of their smog emissions.

This projected supply construction and upsurge in demand will prompt the comeback of uranium’s heydays in the commodities market. Today’s nuclear plants utilize 65 thousand tonnes of uranium a year.  Today’s uranium mining companies, however, can only supply 65,000 tonnes of uranium a year. The over-all global demand for power will reportedly increase by 75 percent by the year 2035 due to the increase in demand from many developing nations.

Japan would not abandon its nuclear power, as well, despite the nuclear disaster. Japan’s Prime Minster Shinzo Abe hit back at the critics of the nation’s nuclear base, defending the need to have clean energy. Japan do not have other major source of energy to take the place of nuclear power albeit moves to develop alternative energy sources.

Good thing, as well, that Canada is friendly towards uranium mining lest we find our way on a run-away spiking uranium commodities price would also be detrimental to the worldwide economy. Canada’s increasing supply of uranium will help close the demand-supply gap. Canada currently provides sixteen percent of the world’s supply of uranium from its Athabasca basin. The area is expected to double its production by 2020. There are currently uranium mining companies who are also bidding for land in Western Canada.

Instead of Oil Refineries, People Should Invest in Uranium Production.

uranium productionFinding energy sources to meet all of our energy needs is a daunting problem that many of the world’s top thinkers are trying solve.  Until the last couple of decades, people were not as concerned with finding renewable energy sources.  Recently, though, more people have begun to realize that we need to deal with the problems that have resulted from our overuse of fossil fuels.  For one thing, they are getting too expensive and they just are not meeting our energy needs anymore.  Another problem is the fact that they are quickly dwindling, especially crude oil.  We are beginning to develop electric cars and other cars that run on alternative fuel sources.  The problem is the fact that a large percentage of power plants still rely on fossil fuels.  If the power plants are burning fossil fuels, the electric cars are not really able to reduce carbon emissions that much.  Nuclear power is a valid option.  Instead using up a lot of oil, nuclear power plants use enriched uranium.  Instead of oil refineries, people should invest in uranium production.  Uranium is an element that is commonly found in the Earth’s crust, which means it is, technically, a nonrenewable resource.  However, it is far more abundant in the Earth’s crust than crude oil is.  Plus, it is not usually as deep in the crust, either.  Uranium production is a multi-step process.  It begins with mining uranium from the Earth’s crust.  Though it is a semi-radioactive element, the mining procedures are fairly typical.  As a matter of fact, many consider uranium mining to be considerably less dangerous than many other kinds of mining.  First the uranium is mined from the Earth.  There are uranium mining companies all across the world, wherever there are large deposits of uranium.  Better quality uranium is found in certain areas, though, so do some research before investing in a mining operation.  There are some legitimate reasons why nuclear power is poised to become even more popular than ever before.  Efficiency is probably the biggest reason.  Nuclear power is the most logistically-sound way of delivering power to a very large number of people with one power plant.  That is why they are often used in heavily-populated regions.  More and more nations are developing their infrastructure to be able to supply power to their entire population.  You can realistically produce enough power for millions of people from one nuclear power plant.  Plus, nuclear power plants do not emit the kind of terrible carbon emissions that are destroying the ozone layer.  In this way, nuclear power is actually more environmentally-responsible than fossil fuel burning power plants.  Since nuclear power is such a reliable energy source that is poised to become very popular in future years, it would be a good industry to invest in.  Provided you could find the right company with shares available, you might want to invest in uranium stocks.  Since it is the resource that is necessary for nuclear power, it is the resource you should invest in in the near future.

Uranium Production Is Only A Small Part Of The Problem

There are a lot of things to consider when discussing nuclear power and the possibility of it being a viable and sustainable energy source for the entire world. Uranium production is only a small sliver of the story and there are many more complicated facets to the nuclear energy conundrum. Some of those facets include it’s environmental impact, public and political support for it and it’s cost-effectiveness. The economics associated with nuclear power is complicated enough as it is so let’s go ahead and focus on it a little more so we can better understand it.

There are obviously a lot of people in countries in this world that have limited access to dependable resources of electricity so nuclear power sounds like a great idea in those cases at first. That is until you realize that it’s more complicated than that and there are no simple solutions to this energy conundrum. These countries wouldn’t have to rely on expensive fossil fuels to get the power they needed and they wouldn’t have to deal with the harmful carbon dioxide emissions. Also, global interest in investing in nuclear technology is high and could help stimulate the economies where it was occurring with the creation of jobs. An educated and well-trained work-force would be required as well so that could be beneficial to local economies as well. The other side of the coin was that someone was going to have to provide the uranium mining services required to supply the nuclear reactors with the fuel they needed to operate. There is also the belief that the spread of nuclear energy technology is driven more by profit than it is by some sense of altruism. Also, every country has it’s own specific set of circumstances, it’s simple-minded to think that nuclear power would somehow solve a developing nation’s problems without considering how deeply complex every society or nation can be. Many governments have very strict and rigid policies that would stifle nuclear power immediately, also since it wouldn’t be free, a struggling country’s credit limit could easily be exceeded and drive them deeper into debt and that wouldn’t necessarily put them in a better position. It’s hard to solve one problem without somehow creating another, especially when it comes to nuclear power.

There are many nations that have embraced the idea of nuclear power, India being one of them. I bring India up because almost a fifth of the world’d population lives there and the country is considered very poor. India is notorious for having a very unstable electrical system with rolling blackouts being very common so nuclear energy technology is a very attractive option to them. They’ve in fact committed to supplying 25% of their country’s energy with nuclear power by  2050. That’s obviously a long time from now but in technological years, it’s right around the corner, countries with serious energy problems see nuclear as being their best option. India is obviously investing in information technology and education as well because they’re going to need smart people to manage their nuclear power plants. All I know is that no uranium mining company would have any problem whatsoever with supplying India with all the uranium they needed to produce all the nuclear power they wanted.

Uranium Production has Begun to Increase in Recent Years.

uranium productionThere has been a lot of talk recently regarding what to do about the energy problem that the world is beginning to face.  Oil is one of the major fuels used by everything from cars power plants.  The combustion of oil produces harmful pollutants, and oil is a very limited resource that will not be around forever.  This means that people need to explore alternative energy sources.  There are more and more electric cars being made today, but these will not do the planet any good if the power plants that produce the electricity are still being powered by oil or coal.  Oil and coal power plants create extremely large amounts of pollution and use up massive amounts of fossil fuels.  Many people are beginning to consider nuclear power as the smarter alternative.  Evidence of this is the fact that uranium production has begun to increase in recent years.  Uranium production refers to the process of making uranium ore into usable uranium.  This requires special facilities and people with extensive training.  Once the uranium ore has been refined through this process, it can be used by nuclear power plants to generate incredible amounts of power that is converted into electricity.  Nuclear power plants generate a lot of electricity, without creating the harmful air pollutants that are created by the combustion of fossil fuels.  This makes nuclear power appealing to investors.  It may be smart to consider buying uranium stocks, since they will probably increase in value, as nuclear power becomes increasingly prevalent.

Uranium production is profitable


This past election of the pro-nuclear Liberal Democratic Party in Japan his given many people excited about the prospects of the uranium mining industry.  Since the natural disaster earthquake and tsunami, Japan’s nuclear industry was destroyed.   As such the stock prices for uranium had seen a dramatic downfall.


Investors have had little interest in the uranium sector since Fukushima.  Companies like  Paladin, which went from more than $5 a share before the disaster to as low as 76c last month, have been dealing with the unpredicted side effects of a natural disaster.


In addition to the increasingly likely restart in Japan, experts have also noted that China’s rollout of about 60 new reactors was gathering momentum. The buzz also takes into acount the promise of a program that has seen old Soviet warheads in Russia into fuel for the reactors to be wrapped up next year.


Many analysts believe that this change in power may be a major turning point in the nuclear industry.  Which has caused much speculation on uraniums stocks.  However, there are still many in Japan that are divided on the future of nuclear power.  Currently Japan has only two of the 50 reactors active.    But still analysts are anticipating the relaunching of the other nuclear reactors and as such uranium stocks have started rising.


All of these programs and agendas sounds promising to those investing in uranium stocks, espcially with the decline seen in recent years.


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Uranium is an excellent fuel

uranium mining

As far as efficiency goes, uranium is one of the best sources of fuel on the planet. It isn’t a renewable resource like wind or solar but it’s efficiency and abundance in nature make it equally appealing to scientists. It’s no wonder that uranium production has increased every year for the past three decades. Countries all over the world are discovering that they are sitting on vast oceans of uranium that has yet to be extracted or even surveyed to see how much they have. Of course many of the poorer countries that discover they have uranium rich soil also fail to have the infrastructure and technology necessary to refine the uranium once it has been removed from the Earth anyway. Heck, there is only one uranium mine in the entire United States and it is ran by a company called Energy Fuels Inc. This is one of the largest open pit mines in the world and that means you can see all of the work being done before your very eyes. It is important for uranium mining companies such as Energy Fuels Inc. to keep their stocks up because scientists are always thinking of new ways to use this wonder element, increasing it’s demand. Without the use and abundance of uranium the world would be stuck with burning fossil fuels to power the things we need to get by on. This burning of fossil fuels is highly inefficient and something many countries are eager to get past and move onto something new.

I want to be a driller for the uranium mining companies

The uranium mining and production of sources of ore from the earth is an interesting process. First, they have these models and maps that will literally tell you where to drill and what part of the earth and ground will eventually give way to an area that will be available for drilling. I want to be honest and say that this process is far more advanced than it ever has been and it is something that not many people are aware of. We used to just completely destroy all the infrastructure and natural landscape that used to be in the area and then when nothing came of the drilling, we would move on. I think that this is not a good use of our time and that if we were smarter about this, we would certainly be thinking in a direction that makes more sense for all of us. Once the area of land is identified, we are then expected to go and get the correct amount of drilling without hurting the land. Once this happens, we can extract all the uranium that you can handle. This is then sold in a variety of ways in markets all over the world. I think that there are a few people out there who would enjoy doing this sort of thing, but I am not one of those people. In fact, it is just about totally painful to even have to write about it. This is why I did not get a degree in uranium production.

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The Most Infamous Debates About Uranium Mining

Uranium mining is invaluable, because this provides a natural resource that can be applied in several ways – benefiting the economy, as well as the lifestyle we currently experience today. Uranium also has the potential to advance our lives through alternative energy and other practical uses. Still, there are still very real and present risks involved when mining this substance. This is because of radon gas, radiation as well as the risks of lung cancer or fires for instance.

Even so, there are debates or memorable occasions in uranium mining history that are still in discussion today:

The Grand Canyon – which is one of America’s most prized and natural wonders has received the go ahead to continue uranium mining, as this metal is plentiful there. The ore is recognizable by a yellowish color – a trademark of the Grand Canyon. Over the years, there have also been numerous instances where these mines have been shut down and reopened at this location.

World War II – was marked by the use of uranium in weapons. Read more about this in the local history section of your library.

Nuclear Energy – one of the many dangers of uranium is that when collected in the wrong hands, this can spell disaster with mass weapons. There have also been several nuclear blasts in history.

As a uranium stock holder, it’s imperative to research facts that are recorded in the past and present, in order to make an informed decision. Stock purchases can also be profitable with companies that have long term contracts with other responsible companies.

Uranium a Precious Metal

Today there are many precious metals that we used throughout the world for many different results. Although many of these elements have been known and discovered for years they are only today being able to be fully realized for how many uses that they have. The truth about uranium for instance is that it can be used to produce energy. Although this technology is not necessarily known it is growing in unprecedented ways. Because of that uses being fully taken Advantage of there are many opportunities for the elements today. Uranium is growing in so many ways because of new processes and developments that are being created every day.uranium mining It is becoming cleaner more reliable and because of the new technology it is likely to grow in the future. Being able to have it mined in large quantities is the first step to ensuring that these processes can take place. By being able to have the necessary funding which can come from uranium stocks it will truly improve the amount of energy that can come from uranium mining. It truly can be exciting to think about the mass amounts of energy they can print produced using uranium. It is a precious metal that we have to take advantage of and can offer a lot of opportunity. Getting to know uranium and what it can do for you is an important part of making sure that it is used to its full potential. Because uranium mining is going to likely grow exponentially as it is likely to be highly used over the next few years they can be a great opportunity to be a part of it.

Uranium Wars

Uranium stocksIn the future the Earth has been ravaged by vicious wars started when the uranium stocks collapsed. Uranium mining had become a big business when everybody realized that we could preserve the environment by switching to clean and efficient nuclear energy. When supplies began to run low, the stocks crashed and people went into panic. After years of blackouts and starvation, The World Government was overthrown and people began to fend for themselves. Soon separate factions formed and horrible battles ensued. Eventually a huge uranium deposit was discovered and since the wars have become even more violent.

The One True Republic, or TOTR, claims to represent the fallen World Government. They say they are seeking peace and equality for all humans, but they are responsible for some of the worst atrocities since the new uranium deposit was discovered. It is hard to tell if they are truly interested in power or peace.

It has been known for sometime now that The Nebula Clan has bad intentions. They seek to control the uranium mines and enslave the rest of humanity. They will stop at nothing to accomplish this goal and for the time being all other factions fight against them. In my opinion however, there is only one hope for our future.

That hope lies within The Humanity Guild. These fighters tend to show up whenever the weak or innocent are being preyed upon. Recently they have been seeing a lot of success in their efforts to destroy The Nebula Clan. If they succeed in their goal to unite the world as one again, humanity will be forever in their debt.

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The poor cat is very unhappy with me. Because i am a uranium mining camp person. More on that in a few. I should have kept that extra cord, what was i thinking. That cat love cords and I just gave it away to be recycled. I am the worst pet parent. Did not even think once or twice about my cat. Sorry little guy. Any way, back to being a uranium mining camp person. This sounds much worse than it is. You see, it is a camp for kids to become more aware of the fact that people live and work and breathe uranium and this can be a good thing for developing countries, but not a great thing for over developed countries. You see, there are a few things that are right and wrong with our nation today and there are some things that can change as an inherent structure among our people. I think a systems change is in order, but I am not sure how to do that or what that even really means, to be honest. I hardly know what any of these articles means half the time, but they still let me write them, so that is nice. I appreciate the ability to do that every week. I am also happy to report that the people who matter a lot to me are going to be around this weekend. My step mother and her sister will be here and that is exciting. I do not think we are going to look at uranium stocks.

Why is Uranium Becoming so Increasingly Popular?

Are you looking to invest in uranium stocks which unsure whether or not it is a real thing for you to invest in? Many people are beginning to realize the energy fields are beginning to run out answer people are going to other sources like uranium. If you feel as though you need something that is going to be worthwhile than investments for long-term, you should invest in getting uranium then. uranium mining is something that become extremely popular the route past two years, people are beginning to realize a uranium is a powerful energy source these days. If you want to ensure that you the best and most efficient uranium mining projects, you should contact Slate today who will to provide you with all the answers necessary. You don’t have to do this alone and you should invest in something that you know will work. This is something that you will be able to see in the long term and it is a feature that is right for those who want to make this investment today. You will be able to make a killing in money; you just have to make sure that you have taken all the proper steps necessary. For any additional questions or concerns, you should let somebody know today will provide you with everything that you need necessary to continue on with you uranium project today. You deserve the best uranium and is up to you to ensure that you the matter what.

The American Mine

Take a moment and picture a mine in your mind’s eye.  If you are like most Americans you are likely to imagine a gold or coal mine.  Perhaps you imagine it deep in the mountains.  But there are more than just gold and coal in ‘dem there hills.  One of the most common elements found on Earth is not gold, or even coal.  It is uranium.  In fact Uranium is an element that is used in many ways one of the most common is in nuclear energy.

Which is why it is a very controversial industry and comes under a lot of scrutiny. Some of this scrutiny is valid and some is not.  This hesitation is due to the fact that people often only think about the freak accidents of Three Mile Island or Chernobyl.  While there is a some risk there are many benefits related to nuclear power.  For one it is the most sustainable and clean forms of energy  out there.  In fact, many U.S. Naval Ships are powered by nuclear energy.In addition, the mining industry in these states has increased economic development, job growth, and tax revenues.

Every day the uranium mining industry makes new advances in technology that make the process safer and more effective. As such the federal government and each state with proven mineral deposits must revisit their current mining policies to meet the demand.  Which will be a great benefit to this nation. It will help the United States gain their energy independence while still being environmentally friendly.